Portfolio - 5e Creative Labs

Fundación Amigos de la Isla del Coco

We created an eye-catching and creative website, where the focus are the pics taken by National Geographic photographers and researchers, allowing the visitor to remain immersed in this natural wonder website. https://isladelcoco.go.cr/en/

Fundación del Hospital de Niños

5e Creative Labs was in charge of the creation of the website, photography,design, and social networks. The highlight of this website is the online donationsystem, the foundation constantly receives funds thanks to the ease of accessfrom the web. https://fundahnn.org/

La voz Guanacaste

5e Creative Labs designed and developed the website for La Voz de Guanacaste,a fully interactive site with more than nine sections. We also created the designof multiple special reports. https://vozdeguanacaste.com/en/

Radioemisoras UCR

This Web App platform, which hosts the three frequencies of the radio group, is an accessible site for people with disabilities. Its web development gives priority to the mobile and tablet version to make it easier for the user to play the radio station. https://radios.ucr.ac.cr

Seminario Universidad

We design and develop the complete web platform, as well as collaborate in the creation of reports and special articles with interactive design and data visualization. https://semanariouniversidad.com/

Ojo al Clima

All branding was created by the designers of the 5e Creative Labs team. The website is informative, but also gives the readers the chance to provide solutions and alternatives on climate change. The website has a section to subscribe to the newsletter and receive the latest news and updates. In addition, we collaborated in the … Continued

Guía Orgullo

This website was donated by 5e Creative Labs to Guía Orgullo Magazine with the objective of promoting annual publications that make the LGTBIQ+ population visible through art, photography and illustrations that highlight the history and culture of this social movement. https://guiaorgullocr.org/

Dcifra Tu Cantón

This incredible project was sponsored by the State of the Nation Program with the goal of inviting the population to inform themselves in an interactive way about their canton, in view of the municipal voting. It includes an “ideology” that gives the public the opportunity to propose ideas that will help to improve thecommunity. https://dcifra.cr/


eTax is a powerful tool for electronic invoicing and IVA calculation automation in Costa Rica. At 5E we were in charge of the entire development process, from conceptualization to launch. Both the website, made in WordPress and the tool, made with Laravel and hosted in AWS to ensure the quality and stability of the software. … Continued

Doctor Gago

For Dr. Germán Gago we designed a simple and very informative website that provides information about his medical specialties, procedures, and experience in the area of otorhinolaryngology. One feature is that it has built-in integration with the HuliHealth agenda, so it gives the chance to book online appointments.In addition, it has a repository of files … Continued